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December 16, 2014

Proposed revised by-laws coming up for review:

 With the New Year almost upon us, I’d like to share with you a few things your Executive Board worked on during their retreat late last month.

Earlier this year at the summer retreat, the Board recognized the need to take a look at the by-laws and policies and procedures and begin the process of updating and revising them. Not only is the organization’s name changing, but as the organization moves into a New Year, the Board knew that updates and revisions of the by-laws and procedures were necessary in order to help better transition the association. This was discussed at the General Membership meeting at the SWVS in September. This process began at the June retreat, followed as part of the monthly board conference calls, e-mails among the board, and culminated in the November retreat.

In order to have the first new revision to the by-laws in place sooner rather than later-for tax purposes, banking purposes, the non-profit status, growing the membership and so forth, the Board is asking for the members to allow the Board to shift the process around a bit in order to have some things in place earlier in the New Year, rather than later as is normally done.

The Executive Board is asking its members to take the time and please review the proposed/revised by-laws. You are a member and we want you to be part of the process. Information on where to find them will be done through the TARVT Newsletter and the TARVT Facebook page- both will have a link directing persons to the TARVT website where one will find the by-laws that are up for review. They will be up for review from December 16, 2014, to January 16, 2015.

If you are a current member, please take time to take a look at them. And if are not a member, we ask that you consider joining. TARVT is for its members-and it is your Executive Board’s goal to make sure you are what this process is all about.

Thank you,

Sue Allen, LVT

TARVT President


A copy of the association’s current bylaws can be found here: TARVT Bylaws

A copy of the association’s proposed bylaws can be found here: TARVT_Bylaws_(TVMTA)_-_Final_To_Post_2014

Watch your email for a link to a survey to vote on the bylaws changes at the end of the review period (January 16th, 2015).  As a reminder, only members will be allowed to vote. 

For more information regarding licensure or to follow updates sent by Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, click the following link:


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