The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is now accepting applications for licensure of veterinary technicians who are currently registered with TVMA.

This period is only for those who are currently listed as Registered Veterinary Technicians in good standing with TVMA.   Others who wish to become LVTs will have to wait until they open application to those who are not RVTs.   Application for initial licensure is $70, which includes a background check.  Renewal fees will be more in with what current RVTs are used to paying for their registration.   Applicants must submit a copy of their birth certificate, a 2 x 2 passport style photo and fill out the application which is similar to the ones used for licensing individuals in other professions in the state.

The deadline to “grandfather in” in this manner is Aug 31, 2014.  After that all applicants must submit proof of education and VTNE scores and take a state jurisprudence exam.

You do not need to contact TVMA to ask for a letter of proof that you are a current RVT.  TVMA will be supplying a list of current RVTs to the TBVME.  If you have questions about your current status with TVMA, you can login to their website members area and view your profile.   You may wish to do this anyway as TVMA has reported that they have many incorrect email addresses for RVTs and therefore some RVTs are missing important information from TVMA.

The application for grandfathering in during this period can be found through the TBVME website. http://www.tbvme.state.tx.us/lvt.php

Please be patient as this process is new to TVMA, TBVME and TARVT.  We are all working together to make the transition as smooth as possible.

2013 general membership meeting sept.Some of the common questions about what the changes were presented during the General Membership Meeting held in Sept. at SWVS.  The Powerpoint presentation for that meeting can be found here:  General Membership Meeting Sept 2013


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